Become a Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Your community focus, our national resources 

For more than two decades, AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy® brand has been helping independent pharmacies build on their entrepreneurial achievement through the support and resources of a well-recognized national brand.  

Today, more than 3,200 strong and growing, the Good Neighbor Pharmacy brand is recognized by their customers for caring, knowledgeable service, high-quality products, and real value in every visit and spend.

Membership benefits:

  • Improve your profitability and avoid the administrative hassles with the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Provider Network™ (GNPPN), one of the largest managed care negotiating cooperatives for independent pharmacies in the U.S.

    "Good Neighbor Pharmacy Provider Network has good negotiators who bring forth the fairness of reimbursement. My reliance on them is total."  
    Mike Douglas, RPh, Owner   
    Mike's Medical Pharmacy, Oregon

  • We'll help you diagnose your pharmacy's operational and financial health such as inventory management, third-party claims collection, pricing structure, and generic utilization. Then, we'll make recommendations, implement the solutions, and track your improvements.

    "Business coaching helped me grow as a business owner by looking at things from a business perspective, not just from a pharmacist's perspective."
    Reggie Singh
    Live Oak Pharmacy, California

  • Good Neighbor Pharmacy stores sell 52 percent more high-margin over-the-counter OTC items than non-GNP stores. We'll make sure you have the right mix of products in the right places based on consumer product behavior, market research and trends, and regional sales data.

    "AmerisourceBergen looked at my product adjacencies and how we implemented [merchandising] and made changes. Already, my managers are saying we can't keep product on the shelves and sales are up front at the register."
    Marty Kendra
    Birdsboro Pharmacy, Pennsylvania

  • In-store circulars and point-of-purchase kits with interior and exterior signage help you attract customers to high-margin items. National advertising, community newsletter circulars, and ad templates for you to customize increase your visibility in the community.

    Our enhanced Good Neighbor Pharmacy® Online allows you to compete in cyberspace as effectively as you do in person. Providing personalized health information, special promotions and incentives, and wellness tools, GNP's dynamic new website rivals the biggest online pharmacies to drive brand awareness and customer loyalty.

    "With all the changes and challenges affecting our industry, the hope and promise of a solution is here! This is the future, the next generation of pharmacy…" 
    Roger Malerba
    Hylan Medicine Cabinet, New York

Independent Pharmacies

Ensuring that independent retail pharmacies like yours maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace is the focus of AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation's distribution, technology, and consulting solutions to:

> Strengthen Your Core Business
> Maximize Your Profitability
> Grow Your Customer Base